We offer a complete range of automatic door systems including bi-part sliding doors, single sliding doors, swing arm operated doors and telescopic doors and our installers for automated systems have worked for the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of automated technology.

For customers who are already decided upon a particular automatic door system for their premises, we can survey the site, manufacture the required doors and install them and, of course, we offer after-care and ongoing automatic door maintenance services to ensure their are fit-for-purpose for the long-term future and are in compliance with the auspices of the Disability Discrimination Act 2004 that requires buildings to be accessible by all persons expected to use them.

Dependent on your automatic door requirement whether it be for an office building, restaurant, school or healthcare facility there will be many reason for each for why there functionaltiy can enhance the environment.

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With the ever-increasing number of automatic door systems it is more important than ever to ensure that when faults occur, that they are dealt with by an experienced service provider.

Fortunately, at W&D Reactive we have skilled automatic door repair teams with many years experience and knowledge of all systems on the market to ensure the doors are repaired to a high standard, at a time convenient to the customer, and returned to fully working order in the minimum of time and with the minimum fuss and disruption caused to the users of the premises concerned.

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As with any system with moving parts, automatic door mechanisms can wear, motors fail, frames and runners become damaged etc. For a busy entrance/exit it can be highly problematic should the system fail and, should minor problems not be addressed early, greater damage can occur to the operating mechanisms resulting, in extreme cases, to complete replacement being necessary.


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We have extensive experience and expertise in the installation of doors to commercial, industrial and public premises including banks, offices, shops, bars, schools, colleges and restaurants.

We are fully conversant with the needs and requirements for high volume entrance/exitdoors such as hospitals and universities and can design, manufacture and install whatever door system is required, fit for purpose and built to last whilst meeting the challenges presented by modern building regulations.

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